Todd Case Trucking, Inc.

Louisa, Kentucky ~ Since 1983

• Haul Coal, Sand & Gravel

• Coal Barge Loading Facility

Todd Case Trucking, Inc.

Louisa, Kentucky ~ Since 1983

• Hauled Coal, Sand & Gravel

• Coal Barge Loading Facility

Serving the KY, WV, VA Tri-State Region

30 Trucks / Dump Trailers / All Peterbilt Fleet / VIS Brake Machine

Vehicle Inspection System (VIS)

The Vehicle Inspection Systems’ VIS-check is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) approved performance base brake tester and road simulator.

VIS has been developed to assist workshops, fleets and enforcement institutions to ensure safe and efficient vehicle operation and to make sure vehicles meet and exceed FMCSA and Commercial Safety Alliance standards.

The standard VIS Check consists of a hydraulic power pack which runs the rollers for the brake tester section, the shaker plates and lifting jack in the road simulator section. The roller section is fitted with eight load cells that measure weight and two strain gauges that measure torque (brake force). By measuring weight and torque the VIS Check is able to calculate the performance of a vehicles brakes’.

The VIS Check uses software and firmware written and developed by VIS engineers to calculate and interpret the data from the load cells and strain gauges and translate it to allow users to establish and maintain a database history on all vehicles tested on the VIS machine. The software also aids in the creation of a detailed report to the customer or driver on the condition of the vehicle.

Case Dock LLC

We have a coal barge loading facility in Catlettsburg, Kentucky — 8.0 Mile Marker of the Big Sandy River. Our facility has live cameras for our customers to view their inventory and watch barge loading live.

Case Dock LLC — open Monday through Friday 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and one Saturday a month — is a privately owned company. We provide coal loading from truck to barge, have up to a 300,000 ton stockpile capacity and can perform precise blending for our customers.

Case Dock LLC also has transportation contracts with several barge lines to various locations throughout the U.S. Shipment destinations are often international ports as well.

We are solely committed to customer satisfaction!

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